Resources for Examiners

  • Nelson, R. (2013) Practice as research in the arts: principles, protocols, pedagogies, resistances. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Borgdorff, Henk, and Haarberg, Johan A. (2013) ‘Research Assessment and Qualification Frameworks’. In Wilson M. and Ruiten, S. (eds) Share Handbook for Artistic Research Education. Amsterdam, Dublin, Gothenburg: ELIA, European League of Institutes of the Arts. See Chapter 7 on Research Assessment.
  • Jen Webb, Donna Lee Brien and Sandra Burr (2012) Examine Doctorates in the Creative Arts, A Guide. A guide on examination practices, processes and policies in Artistic Research doctorates in the Australian context. It includes a guide of questions that an examiner might ask a submission.
  • Irish Universities Quality Board (2009) Good Practice in the Organisation of PhD Programmes in Irish Higher Education. National Guidelines. See Section 10, Examination, which offers general guidelines for PhD examination in Ireland in any field.



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