Proposals for Action: Induction Day

A block of time to discuss all the issues before settling down into the independent life of research. (seminar participant, 2020)

Several staff and students reported a challenge in understanding how the institution operates. An induction day/section for incoming students provides an overview of the research environment to understand the context of academic culture and to address a wide range of issues. It should cover:

    • The department research ethos and how it fits within the broader context of the university and its research environment
    • Opportunity to meet key staff members such as course leaders, head of research, administrators, learning coordinators as appropriate (indicate the role and scope of each staff member) 
    • Doctoral policies and procedures including progression requirements for the degree, expectations of students and submission formats
    • Overview of research facilities and how to access them: provide information on where and who to go to for different types of support (research and academic support for example)
    • Induction to the library, computer facilities, and office and studio spaces
    • Overview of general school services and facilities
    • Existing mandatory and optional training programmes
    • Important information regarding academic structures
    • An opportunity to meet other doctoral research students informally, including continuing students, contributing to creating a doctoral community

New supervisors can attend the student induction and/or a separate induction to cover research degree policies, processes, student support, expectations, and FAQ. The inductions aim to provide a space to understand academic policies and for students to know what is expected of them. 



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